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About Us

Lyantonde District PLHAs Forum is a non government community based organization for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDs in lyantonde   district. Its managed by on executive members who are 9 in number, It started  by the help of the national forum of people living with HIV in Uganda (NAPHOPHANU).It started as a peer support group for PLHA to share experience and learn from each other. Confronting stigma ,poor, health seeking behavior and inability to meet family needs done to HI and diseases and other challenges for which the forum was formed. It was formed in the year 2008.
Overall Goal
To promote behavior change and positive living omong PLHAs climate stigma and discrimination that usually associated with PLHAs .And also to try to scale up PLHAs involvement and participation in HIV/AIDs and services in order to mitigate its, health social economic impact at the individual, family and community
-To have one common voice as people living with HIV/AIDs .
-To mobiles collective efforts against HIV/AIDs .
-Promoting positive PLHAs attitudes and belief towards HIV/AIDs.
-Advocating for the need to support and work with PLHAs.
-Sharing our individual experiences with HIV/AIDs and being role model in our community.
-Building the capacity of members for self reliance and sufficiency.
-Challenging all forms of violence, stigma, and discrimination.
-Sensitizing educating and training members on important issues/programmers such as PMTCT, ART, positive prevention (pp)parenting and will-making.
-Building and strengthening paternership with other stake holders in the district HIV/AIDs response.
-Laying strategies that car improve the social economic status of members (PLHA)so that they can able provide at least basic needs for their families.
-Contributing to the meaningful and  greater involvement of PLHAs.
-Creating and facilitating both formal and informal opportunities of learning, sharing and increasing knowledge   and skills.
Activities / Services
-These include;-
-(Pear)counseling and referral services.
-IEC material collection and distribution.
-Social economical activities.
-Positive voice (a platform for PLHAs to discuss health issues.
-Condom distribution and promotion.
-Participating in local and international events such as AIDs campaign day activities.
-Positive prevention (program that engages PLHAS IN REDUCING HIV/STI) training and roll out.
With limited but continious technical and financial contributions from members ,Friends and organization such as the National  Forum of PLHAs Network in Uganda (NAFOPHANU) and ICOD action network together with the local government of lyantonde district   ,we have registered several achievements include;-
-Recognition and support from other stake holders in HIV /AIDs.
-Creating of such –county networks of PLHAs in the sub-counties of lyantonde district(6) sub counties.
-Membership rise from a forum to all post tested who register with us which has now raised to 8289 PLHAs , 3624 Males and 4665 females  including children!
-Establishment of the forum executive board of 9 of whom some members represent different categories
-Acquisition of CBO status Reg .No ly /142
-Members of Uganda Network of AIDs services organization (UNASO) through NAFOPHANU.
-Members on stigma index project.
-We have managed to start an orphanage centre(school)  for children affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. it  has now 200 pupils from nursery section to primary 7 
- The school is called "MWESIGWA ORPHANAGE SCHOOL' its located in the boarders Lyantonde district and Lwengo District so its for all communities.
tThe word "MWESIGWA"Literally means GOD is trustworthy so we have a hope that in future  our children who are in  our school will become important people in the community .We need your hand to make us achieve our  objective of making these young generation important in the community. 
-Uganda AIDs Commission (U A C )
-National forum of people living with HIV/AIDs Network in Uganda (NAPHOPHANU)
-Salama shield foundation.
-ICOD Action Network.
-Rakai Community Based Aids Organization. (RACOBAO)
-Child Aid Uganda
-Uganda Cares
Although people living with HIV/AIDs constitutes the primary membership ,You may join the forum as a member or friend respective of you sero –status ,sex or group you be belong to. Registering membership is free and open to every one.
We need you
We would want to do more by and for ourselves, but we cannot a accomplish our aims without the support of others like you ,we need moral, physical, technical and financial support. Therefore become a member! 
MOTTO;- "Together for a positive difference."
Main Street Lyantonde Town Council
P.o.Box  12 lyantonde –Uganda
Mobile Tel; +256772577536
Email :

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to Lyantonde District PLHAs Forum Blog. Please follow our activities and stay update on the progress we make a forum of People Living with HIV/AIDS